Welcome to PPAR!

The Colorado Springs Board of REALTORS® was established in 1902. We joined the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® soon after their inception in 1908. Our name was formally changed to the Pikes Peak Association of REALTORS® in 1991. Today, PPAR serves all of El Paso and Teller counties. For over a century, PPAR members have proudly served our communities in countless ways. If you are involved in any aspect of the real estate industry, join us and be a part of this great team!

The First Steps:

Your Membership is just a click away! Carefully review each of our membership types below to find the one that’s right for you.

  1. Click on “Electronic Application” to receive the membership forms via our transaction management software, which will allow you to fill out and sign the forms electronically. (Preferred method)
  1. Click on “Paper Application” to fill out the forms either online, or print to fill out by pen. Paper Applications will require a wet signature. No digital signatures will be accepted.
  1. If you are joining PPMLS (Pikes Peak Multiple Listing Service™), you will be responsible for adhering to the PPMLS Rules and Regulations. Click here to review the rules.
Please note: Click Here for a list of Membership Fees and Dues. Once your application is processed you will be notified to process your payment. Upon receipt of your completed application and all required signatures your application will be processed within 72 hours.

Membership Types

REALTOR® Membership Electronic ApplicationPaper Application

This membership type is for associate brokers that hang their license under an employing broker. If you are applying for MLS access and already belong to another REALTOR® Association, see PPMLS Participant Only below

Designated REALTOR® Membership Electronic ApplicationPaper Application

This membership type is for employing brokers or independent brokers or appraisers.

PPMLS Participant Only Electronic ApplicationPaper Application

This membership type is for brokers who are a member of another REALTOR® Association but want to have full access to the PPMLS database. (For example, you belong to the Pueblo Association of REALTORS® or one of the Denver REALTOR® Associations.) **A letter of good standing from your current REALTOR® Association is required as part of the application process. Your application will not be processed until this is received.
PLEASE NOTE: Your Employing Broker/Designated REALTOR® is required to be a PPMLS participant. If your Employing Broker/Designated REALTOR® is not a PPMLS Participant, your application request will not be processed.

Affiliate Membership Electronic ApplicationPaper Application

Real Estate Affiliates
Firms or individuals directly related to the real estate profession and/or providing a major service to said profession. Real Estate Affiliates are limited to banks, lending institutions, and title companies.
  • Real Estate Affiliates may have access to comparable sold listing information from the PPMLS Database. Real Estate Affiliates desiring to have MLS access to sold listing data will be required to complete the PPMLS “Subscriber” agreement - Exhibit D and will be required to take the Intro to PPMLS class.
Public Service Affiliates
Individuals who are interested in the real estate profession as employees of or who are affiliated with educational, public utility, governmental or other similar organizations but are not engaged in the real estate profession on their own account or in association with an established real estate business. Public Service Affiliates are not eligible for PPMLS services.