Why You Should Ask Your REALTOR® To Put A SentriLock® Lockbox On Your Home


In the 1990’s, the REALTOR® Services Corp. (RSC) recognized the need for a more secure lockbox system. As technology has evolved over time, so have the security and features of lockbox systems. To provide the best tools to its subscribers, RSC is proud to offer the SentriLock Lockbox System. Because the safety of homeowners is paramount, RSC strongly encourages all of its REALTOR® subscribers to use a SentriLock lockbox on each of their listings. The SentriLock system includes a number of features that add an extra layer of security that gives the listing agent and the homeowner the ability to control and track who accesses the lockbox and when.

Some of the features of the SentriLock System include:

  • Listing Agent can assign the lockbox to a particular listing for better tracking.
  • Notifications are sent to the listing agent when the lockbox has been accessed.
  • Greater tracking ability with access logs to see when a lockbox was accessed and by whom.
  • Call Before Showing (CBS) codes can be added for additional security for the homeowners that require it.
  • Homeowners can activate a “Do Not Disturb” mode to disable access to the lockbox temporarily.
  • Listing Agents may grant time-restricted SentriConnect access to an authorized person, such as a contractor or out-of-area agent.
  • Durability against vandalism.

Be sure to ask your REALTOR® for a SentriLock lockbox on your listing!