Last Month's Market Analysis

The noteworthy item this month is the increase in average sales price over a span of two years. In June 2015 the average sales price of single family and patio homes was $279,241. In June 2017 the average price was $326,263 which is an increase of $47,022! In that same time frame the median price also increased from $250,000 to $285,250. The average Days on Market is at an all-time low at just 26 days. The List Price to Sale Price (LP:SP) ratio is 100.3% with the majority of homes sold in the $200K price range followed by sales in the $300K range. Of the 16 MLS areas that make up the Colorado Springs metro area, the lowest LP:SP ratio was 99.2% while the highest was 101.9%. We are still seeing a decrease in the number of homes available for sale which is down 18.1% from June 2016 but we have seen an increase in these numbers each of the past 5 months.

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