Educating The Next Generation

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The schools in and around Colorado Springs are ranked as some of the best in the state and the nation. Your children will be afforded a great learning experience with exceptional teachers.

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Our area is home to five military bases, a robust high-tech industry and beautiful scenery that draws people from around the world. With all of this outside cultural influence, the area has outstanding diversity and will enhance the learning environment from kindergarten through college. Click HERE to look at 2010 census data by district.

Round 3


With Colorado being one of the great outdoor hot-spots, it is no surprise that sports are such a "big deal" in our schools. From football and lacrosse to swimming and basketball, the choices abound for those so inclined.

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Colorado aims to lead the national charge in the development and furtherance of STEM programs. Most school districts are actively developing STEM programs to better educate our children and to keep our nation at the forefront of the world market.

Boy Writing In Class
Girl At Copmuter Smiling
Teens Playing Football
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