Why Use a REALTOR®?

Ethics, Expertise and Education – the REALTOR® difference at work for you.

Thinking about buying or selling a home all by yourself. Don't worry, we've got a list of everything you need to know. First, figure out how much you can afford. Then, check your credit report. Save for a down payment. Put your house on the market. Market home for sale. Repair home. Clean up. Consider offers. Negotiate the contract. Find an attorney to review the contract. Hire an attorney or title company to complete the closing. Research types of mortgages. Find a mortgage lender. Get pre-approved. Decide where you want to live. Check local school system. Check local property taxes. Go to open houses. Research ammenities. Figure out how much you can offer. Submit an offer. Complete mortgage application. Order inspections. Get a certificate of occupancy. Negotiate any repairs. Buy the property. Get property surveyed. Review HOA documents. Complete water title search. Secure title insurance. Obtain homeowners and flood insurance. Calculate closing costs. Final walkthrough. And, of course, making sure all the deadlines are met by the other party. Or you can just hire a REALTOR®.
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REALTOR® vs Real Estate Agent – What’s the Difference?

Did you know that all REALTORS® are Real Estate Agents, but not all Real Estate Agents are REALTORS®? What’s the difference? All REALTORS® and Real Estate Agents are real estate licensees. That means that they have completed the required education and have received a real estate license through the Colorado Division of Real Estate that authorizes them with the legal ability to represent a home seller or buyer (that’s you!) in the process of buying or selling real estate.

A REALTOR® is a real estate licensee that has voluntarily joined the National Association of REALTORS® or NAR. As a member of NAR, a REALTOR® holds themselves to a higher professional standard by abiding by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, which is the basis of many of our federal real estate laws. The REALTOR® Code of Ethics ensures that consumers are served and protected by requiring REALTORS® to cooperate with each other in furthering your (their client’s) best interests.


Reasons to Use a REALTOR®

Ongoing Professional Development

REALTORS® take their profession seriously and continue to further their knowledge through education and resources. This gives you confidence that REALTORS® knows all the latest trends and understands how to navigate through the current housing market so you can achieve your housing goal, whether buying, selling, or renting.

Many REALTORS® further their professional development by pursuing higher education in specialized areas of real estate. Designations and certifications are specialized credentials for REALTORS® and offer extensive benefits that are continually improved and expanded upon. There is even a local certification called the Pikes Peak Real Estate Specialist!

Fiduciary Responsibility

Real estate transactions are the biggest financial investment that most people make in their lives, and it is often the cornerstone to building long-term wealth. As a REALTOR®, your real estate professional is bound by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to further and protect your financial interests and can offer expert advice to help guide you through the transaction.

Local Market Experts

All real estate is local, and each neighborhood offers different benefits. REALTORS® knows the local market, has access to a variety of informational resources, and can provide local community information on utilities, zoning, schools, parks, floodplains, landslide zones, and more.

Current with Real Estate Laws and Regulations

The laws and regulations regarding the real estate industry are complex and frequently change, not just on the state and federal levels, but on the county and city levels too. REALTORS® are immersed in the real estate industry and must stay current with all the updates in regulations, laws, contracts, and practices. REALTORS® will put that knowledge to work for you.

Access to the Local Pikes Peak Multiple Listing Service™ or PPMLS™

Local broker marketplaces known as Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) connect buyers and sellers of real estate in the U.S. through their respective real estate agents.

MLS in Action

The Pikes Peak Multiple Listing Service™ or PPMLS™ gives first-time, low-income, and other buyers better access to the American dream of homeownership while also exposing a seller’s property to the greatest number of potential buyers. Your real estate professional can use the historical and up-to-date information available through PPMLS™ on what is happening in your local market so you can make smart decisions. You can access the public site at PPAR.com.

Pricing Your Home Correctly

There are lots of sites where you can view price estimates for your home before you list it for sale, however, these online estimates should be viewed as a starting point, and not fact. The variables that affect home pricing such as the layout of the home, the overall condition of the property, and views cannot be accessed by the algorithms. REALTORS® know the local market, understand how the different variables can affect the price of a home, have access to the freshest sale data through their local MLS, and can price your house in line with the market to maximize your earnings.

Economics of Buying a Home

Helping You Find Your Perfect Home

Browsing online is a terrific way to start a home search — in fact, almost 95% of people use online tools in their homebuying process. But when it’s time to buy, knowing all the pros and cons of a property can help you make the right decision. REALTORS® can share information about a home that you wouldn’t otherwise know, such as any concerns about the home’s building material, possible plumbing issues, etc. REALTORS® can go beyond the aesthetics and tell you important details about homes you’re considering.

Contracts and Negotiations

REALTORS® can help you navigate these complex documents and craft an attractive offer that makes sense for you. When it comes to negotiation, your real estate professional is your advocate and can bring an objective voice to a very subjective situation.

Choose the Right REALTOR® For You

Most REALTORS® are independent contractors and small business owners. Buying or selling a home can be one of the biggest financial transactions you will go through. It’s important that you work with an agent that understands your needs and you will be comfortable working with them throughout the transaction. Many choose to work with a REALTOR® that was referred to them by a family member or friend, but it can be a good idea to interview a few and make a comparison to find the REALTOR® that understands your goals and will fit your needs.

Questions can include:

  • Do you primarily work with buyers or sellers?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What’s included in your services?
  • How many transactions have you completed?
  • Are you part of a team?
  • How many active clients do you have currently?
  • Is your commission negotiable? Learn more about how commissions work
  • What is your marketing strategy to sell my house?