PPAR REALTORS® Building Community

At PPAR, REALTORS® have been active participants and leaders in the community since 1902. Real estate professionals in the Pikes Peak region have had the privilege of helping consumers pursue the dream of homeownership for centuries; from touring prospective homes to assisting in every step of the real estate transaction, forging relationships that last a lifetime.

Historically, the desire to own land and a home is deeply embedded in the fabric of American society, and dates back to the 1800s. Some would argue that the dream of homeownership goes even further back in time, where the importance of being a landowner was discussed by the Founding Fathers in documents such as the Articles of Confederation.

REALTORS® nationwide have a vested interest in protecting the homeowners’ property rights. As part of the largest trade association in the country, REALTORS® use their collective voice to serve as advocates for the homeowner, and ensure that local ordinances, state and federal legislation do not adversely impact homeowners.

At PPAR, REALTORS® take civic participation very seriously. In addition to their efforts in the political arena, they are active in the community and support the Relay for Life for Cancer Research, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk, The Resource Exchange, the annual adoption of 240 children at Kids Crossing for Christmas, Junior Achievement Bowl-a-thon, Festival of Lights Parade, provide food baskets during Thanksgiving and Christmas for families working to stay out of poverty, TESSA, Springs Rescue Mission, Home Front Cares, and a wide array of other personal efforts that benefit charitable and philanthropic causes in the Pikes Peak Region.

Trusted Voice for Real Estate

REALTORS® are The Voice for Real Estate. That means they serve as advocates for home owners on a wide array of issues that range from private property rights and the environment, to transportation and education. The Following is a list of issues that play a role in the advocacy agenda in national, state and local government.

  1. Clean Water Act (National)
  2. City for Champions (Local)
  3. Construction Defects (State/Local)
  4. Eminent Domain and Private Property Rights (National/State/Local)
  5. Energy Efficiency and Climate Change (National)
  6. First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit (State - Details coming soon)
  7. Low-Income Tax Credit (State - Details coming soon)
  8. National Flood Insurance Program (National/State/Flood)
  9. Real Estate Transfer Tax (National/State/Local)
  10. Southern Water Delivery System (Local)
  11. Wildfire Mitigation- Colorado Project Wildfire (State/Local)

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