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Not sure you want to join PPAR? Check out this page as you consider your decision. Once you are ready, follow the steps which begin below. Welcome to PPAR! We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our Association and we look forward to serving you.

First Step:

Carefully read the description of each of the membership types we offer and click on the link appropriate for you. Then take your time and pay attention to follow each step, detail by detail. After you have completed your applications, return them to PPAR:
  1. Bring it to our offices located at 430 N. Tejon Street, Suite #101 BEFORE 4:00 Monday-Friday
  2. Email a PDF of the packet to
  3. Fax them to 719.476.8166

Membership Types

REALTOR® Membership

If you have an associate broker license and hang your license under an employing broker, click here.

If you are applying for MLS access and already belong to another REALTOR® Association, see PPMLS Participant Only, below.

Designated REALTOR® Membership

This membership type is for employing brokers or independent brokers or appraisers. Click here for procedures to join as this member type.

PPMLS Participant Only

This membership type is for brokers who are a member of another REALTOR® Association but want to have full access to the PPMLS database. (For example, you belong to the Pueblo Association of REALTORS® or one of the Denver REALTOR® Associations.) Click here for procedures to join the PPMLS.

Affiliate Membership

This membership type is for Appraisers, Mortgage Companies, Title Companies, Banks, etc. Access to Sold Listing Data (only) from the PPMLS database is available to this type of Membership. Click here. for the Affiliate procedures.

Public Service Membership

This membership type is for anyone who would like the benefits of local PPAR membership and does not need any type of access to the PPMLS database. Click here for the Public Service procedures.

Unlicensed Assistants, SentriLock Assistant key or SentriLock Assisstant Computer Access

To join the PPMLS or SentriLock systems as an assistant, contact Peggy Ferron at RSC Technical Support. Her email is or call 719-635-5040.
Click here to go to the RSC website.